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Dear Friend,

Is it OK if I tell it like it is? Our school system let us down!

They taught us history, mathematics, geography, science, language...but they never taught us a method for getting what we want in our lives. When you think about it, being able to get what you want in life is the most important skill of all.

Because don't you agree that getting what you want in life is really, really important?

Think about it...have you ever wanted more from your life? Everyone has, at least in some area of their life. And so wouldn't it be great if you had a system for generating results?

So if you've ever wanted more from any area of your life (and it's OK to want more - everyone does!), then it is time for your Breakthrough to Greatness.

Why don't we generate the results we want?

Now, you might be wondering why you don't generate the results you want.

And the answer ever showed you how. You've learned lots of things in your life, it's true. But has anyone ever shown you a specific way, a particular system, to get what you want?

Probably not. But here's the thing. Everything in your life that you now have: the wealth, health, relationships, etc., in other words, the results you have generated, have been attained by following a specific process. It's just that you probably are unaware that this process is even taking place.

But here is what you really need to know. People who have achieved greatness in their lives have followed a process too*. And that process is probably different than the one you have been using. And that is what you have the opportunity to learn by purchasing the audio version of Breakthrough To Greatness.


"The breakthrough process is unbelievable! I could easily identify what was holding me back from achieving results in my life and break through those barriers to my true greatness."

- Suzanne Hawkins, Halifax NS

Breakthrough to Greatness helps you reveal and unleash the greatness that lies within you. Better results can be achieved by anyone. We just haven't been taught how to do it...

Until now! It's time for you to break through to greatness!

Introducing the new special edition
Breakthrough to Greatness

Now I have great news. As I said, in order to generate great results, you need to learn a process for doing it and then you need to take action.

I have created my new special edition audio program Breakthrough to Greatness to teach you the process that I have spent over a decade learning, refining and putting into practice.

I have studied this process from some of the most successful personal development experts in the world and I am making it available to you in a two-hour downloadable audio program with an accompanying workbook.

In Breakthrough to Greatness, you will learn

1. Why most people don't achieve the results that they want in their lives.
2. A process you can use to get the results that you want and deserve to have.*
3. How to break through obstacles that hold you back.
4. Techniques that you can use any time to set you on the path to achieving your results.
5. How to fan the fire of your desire so that you become unstoppable.

Most people never get this kind of training and that may be why they fall short of achieving their dreams.

Imagine if you knew what all highly successful people know - how to get results. That's the sole goal of Breakthrough to Greatness: to teach you how to get what you want.

My Breakthrough Process Could Change Your Life!

If you are like most people, you've been to courses, seminars and workshops, gone home, put the workbook on your shelf and never looked at it again. Am I right? And I would be willing to bet that you never took action on most of the things you resolved to do afterward.

It's OK, but just so you know, that won't be happening when you purchase Breakthrough to Greatness. Not only will I teach you invaluable tools for getting the results that you want, but I will teach you to hold yourself accountable for generating results.


"Wow! I walked into the room a pretty confident and assertive person and I'd achieved some fairly good results in my life so far. Yet, I was surprised to learn how much I didn't know about generating results. The breakthrough process was a huge eye-opener! I wish I'd learned this 20 years ago!"

- Dr. Stelios Nikolokakis, Toronto ON

How You Can Share This Gift
with Your Friends and Family

Have you ever noticed that when you surround yourself with successful people, you start to feel more successful?

That is why I strongly encourage you to share this web page with a friend, family member, spouse or significant other. Imagine your friends and family all taking action in their lives to achieve more! You'll be surrounded by likeminded people who seek excellence. You can pass this website:, to as many people as you want.

Now I want to do something surprising.

I am privileged to know first-hand, the power of the Breakthrough process. I've helped people use this process to start getting what they want in life. Read the testimonials on this page if you don't believe me.

My graduates would tell you that the value of this program is worth hundreds. However, the price that I charge is only $29

I am so passionate about sharing this program with you, that I want to make sure that there is no financial obstacle to your participating.

So I am making this breakthrough program available to you for a fire-sale price, but only for a limited time.

Purchase now and you pay just $29!

This is for a limited time and it is my gift to you.

Now, you are probably wondering - …what's the catch? Well, there is one, but I think you can live with it.

The catch is, once you download the program, you have to take action. Can you believe that some people actually will download this program and then never listen to it!? How can I change the world if you do that. So please, make a commitment to yourself that you will listen to the program and implement it in your life!

That's fair, wouldn't you agree?


"I had no idea of the power that lay within me. Before the breakthrough process, if you'd asked me if I could have done it, I would have said 'no way!'. Ask me now and the answer will be 'absolutely, no doubt, no question!!!' Everyone should know how to do this!"

- Alana Diebel, Perth AU


Take Control of Your Life, Starting Now

If you are tired of not having what you want.

If you are fed up with only getting mediocre results in your life.

If you want to make a real impact in the world.

Breakthrough to Greatness has the power change your life! All you have to do is turn off your TV for one night and listen to this powerful program.

I look forward to helping you reveal your greatness!

Gina Mollicone-Long
CEO, The Greatness Group
Founder of Greatness U

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